About Us

Sunrise at Dawning Day Farms

Thanks for clicking by! We are Cultivate Local and we’re excited to share some of Australia’s best boutique wines with you, so that you can buy and support local wineries from the comfort of your own home. Or as we like to say, from our friends to you.

The idea for Cultivate Local came from a desire to support local family run businesses throughout Australia who work hard to produce some of the best products in the country.

So how did it all begin?

Three years ago, we packed up our three kids and our dog, Bernie, the Labradoodle and left the southern suburbs of Sydney headed for the quaint village of Exeter in the Southern Highlands.

Maybe it was the crisp, fresh air that did it, the welcoming community, or the farm fresh produce that we encountered everywhere, but the idea for Cultivate Local was born. Buy local, support local. It’s just that easy.

How do we know what great wine is?

My husband Mike has worked in the wine industry for over ten years. It was our own first move into owning and running a local business. During that time, we built relationships with some of the best artisanal winemakers in Australia. Most of these winemakers don’t sell into the big bottle shops, but through their private cellar doors direct to consumers, or straight into restaurants and bars. Now, through Cultivate Local we’re able to bring local wine right to you!

It’s not all about the wine

Sure, we’re starting with great wine because the fact is, we know a lot about it, but we want to add more local hand-made and homegrown products to our offering. If you have a product you think might fit the bill, please shoot us an email, we’d be happy to hear from you.

For those of you who are interested, since the move, we’ve added two goats, three sheep, five hens, a Border Collie named Kevin and a cat called Tony to the mix. Oh, and as my daughter always reminds me, 10,000 bees. How could I forget the bees? Stay tuned for the launch of our delicious local honey.

We'd love to hear what you think of our project so please email us your thoughts at: heya@cultivatelocal.com.au



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