Pickles, Pickles, Pickles!

Boutique local winery Dawning Day Farms in Exeter in the Southern Highlands have momentarily put down their pruning secateurs to pickle cucumbers. Wait what?

Since moving to the Southern Highlands, winery owner Katrina decided to plant a vegetable patch, trying out a variety of different fruits and vegetables suited to the cool climate of the region.

‘I planted some cucumbers in our patch, and my daughter Jenna planted another pot in our greenhouse and in a short time we were inundated with cucumbers! There were way too many for us to eat,’ Katrina said.

So, what is one to do with all those cucumbers?

The pair soon realised the variety they had planted were gherkin cucumbers, fantastic for pickling with their crisp outer skins, meaty flesh, and smaller amount of seeds.

After trying several recipes, they decided on the perfect ingredients and spice mix to compliment the fruit.

Dawning Day Pickles come in two flavours, ‘Farmhouse Original’ and ‘Hot-House Chilli’, both with the same unique blend of secret spices but the chilli flavour packing an extra hot punch.

Farmhouse Original also comes in two types, bread and butter style or spears.

Both are fantastic additions to homemade cheeseburgers, or an epic Rueben sandwich.


Katrina ArcherKatrina Archer is a writer from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. When she’s not busy blogging about food and wine, Katrina’s passionate about writing stories for children. To see some of her work click here www.kaarcher.com.au.



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